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Magenta Momz

Where moms of special needs children get self-care for mental health.

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Our Mission at Magenta Momz is to promote the mental health of mothers with special needs children. There are many non-profits dedicated to special needs children, but few that deliver the products and services that moms need for self-care. That’s where our non-profit comes in.

We provide free mental health support around Atlanta to Magenta Momz – those amazing mothers who care for beautiful children with special needs. Our Magenta Momz often encounter ongoing medical tests and procedures, recurrent emergencies and frequent hospitalizations of their children.

We aspire to support a mother’s mind and body, and their children with disabilities, by providing self-care activities that educate, encourage and cater to their mind, body and soul.

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Self-Care Packages

What we Offer

Self-Care Packages

At-home rejuvenation for difficult days

Our self-care packages aim to make you feel loved, happy, relaxed, and cared for, with contents varying with the generous donations of our sponsors.



Live Events

Special experiences to remember

Our exceptional experiences include concerts, trips, spa experiences and pamper days. We are always striving to make a difference and we cannot wait to provide these experiences to our special needs moms.

Counseling & Education

Long-term learning to improve your mental health

Our goal is to promote mental wellness for our special needs moms, which means providing access to mental health services such as counseling and meditation that will have long-term benefits.



Become a Magenta Mom

Magenta Momz are caregivers for a child or children with special needs (of any age, from 1 to 100!) who provide selfless, exceptional care and takes responsibility for their child.

All Magenta Momz are SUPERSTARS! You deserve positive, supporting opportunities to rejuvenate and support yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Sign up and look forward to free Self-Care Packages, plus future opportunities including education, counseling and live self-care experiences.

Benefit from services provided by a mom who gets it.

Access self-care resources to help yourself and your child.

Join a network of Momz with similar experiences.